Advanced propulsion & fuels – new approaches for green shipping

Session 3 “Advanced Fuels & Propulsion” will show new promising concepts.

How will ships for long-haul freight and passenger transport be powered in 10 years’ time? They will definitely not be “dirty” or even the “waste incinerator” they are often made out to be. Ships are long-living, and today’s newbuilds will still be sailing 25 to 30 years from now. So, the course for an emission-free future must be set today! In this session, several fuel options and their integration into promising overall systems on-board a ship will be presented.

Nicole Wermuth will moderate a session that shows how mature the vessel operation with methanol already is and how the integration of a reformer can lead to a CO2-emission-free engine. It will be shown how an LNG-fueled marine engine coupled with an SOFC and a battery enables a concept that delivers a step wise scale-up through mild hybridization, balanced hybridization and full replacement of the ICEs and how even an ammonia FC as the sole propulsion system is an option for future ocean-going vessels.

„Driven by the emission targets set by the IMO, many new propulsion systems are currently being contrived and tested. There is no clear winner yet and research activities abound, especially in the field of alternative fuels.”

Nicole Wermuth, Area Manager LEC and Chair of Session 3