Vision of a sustainable port within the city center 

Session 1 “Green Ports & Infrastructure” discusses possibilities for zero-emission shipping around the port and at berth.

Ports shape the identity of their cities and the surrounding region. But do modern ports with their growing space requirements still have a future in their densely populated cities? Do they still fit in today’s times of exploding global traffic and increasing sensitivity with regard to pollution, emissions and other impacts such as noise?

Moderated by Karsten Schönewald, this session will address the challenges the Port of Hamburg is facing in this light. But also, the great opportunities arising from sustainability as driver of development. Starting with a historical overview, these issues will be discussed and innovative concepts such as onshore power supply (OPS) and the potentials of digitalization will be addressed. The session will be concluded with an overview of the current possibilities for zero-emission shipping in the vicinity of the harbor and at berth.

“We are convinced that the trend towards sustainable shipping represents a great opportunity for the Port of Hamburg. That is why we support this development and try to take the lead ourselves.”

Karsten Schönewald, COO of Flotte Hamburg and Chair of Session 1