What are the key drivers for the sustainable development of maritime and inland waterway transport?

Find out more in Session II “Sustainability drivers in maritime and inland shipping” on Thursday June 20 from 9am – online.

The session emphasises the importance of ongoing research, innovation and collaboration in promoting sustainability in both maritime and inland waterway transport. Through the further development of alternative fuel technologies, greener shipping practices and a deeper understanding of fuel combustion mechanisms, the industry can make significant progress towards a more sustainable future. The findings and developments presented in this session highlight the way forward and identify the critical areas where further efforts are needed to achieve the ambitious goals of reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability across the shipping sector.

Join us to foster the exchange of ideas, to harness synergies, to promote co-operations and to network for an emission-free future. Have a look at this year’s program and get to know our outstanding speakers and green shipping experts from around the world.

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Karsten Schönewald, Igor Sauperl and Nina Simon
on behalf of the entire LSSTF organising team