Antonia Kuntze

Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG

Antonia studied shipping & ship finance as dual bachelor study program at a local ship managing company (TB Marine Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG) in Hamburg.
After working with TB Marine in the operations and controlling department for two years, Antonia settled in Boston, MA, USA for an MBA program at Brandeis University.

In July 2018 she moved back to Hamburg to work for the newly formed Hamburg Fleet (Flotte Hamburg), a daughter company of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA).
Since 2021 she is responsible for the fleet operations, customer services and finances.

Antonia’s goal is to drive change and trigger innovation throughout the company for a more efficient, sustainable future.

Antonia Kuntze

Flotte Hamburg - The urban fleet from green to zero emission

The Hamburg Fleet operates about 45 ships for the use around the Port of Hamburg, including typical “working ships” (small tug boats, etc.), as well as pilot boats, police boats and fire boats. The consolidation of these different ship categories is a unique project of the City of Hamburg in Germany.

With Port of Hamburg located in the city center, environmental friendliness is a highly important issue. In the past six years the Hamburg Fleet has been taking a pioneering role in local emission reduction and is engaged to lead by example.

As of 2023 the advanced focus is on carbon emission reduction. The new strategy was developed with experts and will be introduced in the presentation together with the underlying concept for an environmental-friendly operation of the fleet.