Eduardo Briales Palacios


Eduardo Briales is a mechanical engineering with scientific and technological background always applied to product development in innovative industries. Currently, he is developing the role of Product Manager in H2SITE to further consolidate Pd-alloy membrane technology in integrated reactors for high-purity hydrogen separation in compact and efficient solutions for the maritime industry.

His main focus is to prioritize best feature development to optimize the performance of our membrane technology and to ensure that the product roadmap fits the maritime sector in scope, budget and schedule.

Eduardo Briales Palacios

Onboard ammonia cracking based on integrated membrane reactors

H2SITE develops on-board ammonia cracking solutions incorporating integrated membrane reactors, which may be key to the decarbonization as they provided the highest overall efficiency of any fuel-to-power solution. Ammonia-to-hydrogen cracking technology aims to enhance the use of hydrogen on board vessels by improving fuel density. Instead of storing hydrogen directly, ammonia is bunkered and then cracked into hydrogen, maximizing efficiency and minimizing emissions. This allows ammonia to be used efficiently and flexibly for internal combustion engine and fuel cell applications.