Jens Wartmann


Jens Wartmann studied energy technology at the University of Essen, specializing in energy conversion processes and their optimization. During his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Energy Systems and Energy Technology, focusing on allothermic biomass gasification and gaining further insights through a study visit to KTH Stockholm.

After graduation, Jens shifted his focus to fuel cells and hydrogen. Joining the Center for Fuel Cell Technology in Duisburg in 2001, he rose to become Head of Department by 2006. Leading projects in microsystems and fluid mechanics, he played a key role in developing an innovation network (ZIM) for fuel cell technology market launch (BiS-NET: Fuel Cells in Series). In 2012, with the department’s conversion to New Materials and Technology, Jens focused on fundamental developments for next-generation hydrogen technologies.

In 2018, Jens became the Lead of Strategy and Technology Development for CAMPFIRE, funded by the BMBF’s WIR! Program. Steering the CAMPFIRE Alliance towards green ammonia as Hydrogen 2.0, he showcased innovation from sailboat designs to cruise ship fuel cell propulsion systems.

Jens is also co-founder of GRAP-Green Ammonia Power – GmbH, which promotes the development of green ammonia-based propulsion and energy systems. With his leadership, he is shaping sustainable energy solutions and promoting an environmentally conscious and technologically advanced economy.

Jens Wartmann