Jerker Björkqvist

Åbo Akademi University

erker Björkqvist received his PhD in the area of process optimization in 2001.
In cooperation with the telecom industry, he was involved in developing the standards for digital broadcasting technologies, with the focus on system layer simulations and development. He was also involved in project on software defined radio, where the radio layer is implemented using software.

Currently he is working as a Associate Professor at the department if information technologies at Åbo Akadmi University in Turku, Finland. Current research is focusing on industrial Internet, with applications on utilizing industrial data for diagnostics and optimization.

Jerker Björkqvist

Machine learning and energy scheduling

Todays cruise ships are basically floating cities. Even if the largest part of the energy produced used goes to the propulsion on the ship, an increasing part of the energy goes to the hotel load.
Cruise ships power by an on-ship power plant, typically of a set of diesel generators.
With the need for carbonization of shipping industry, one potential for energy usage reduction is to perform system level energy optimization on a cruise ship. By enabling scheduling of on-board energy consumption, the overall efficiency of the ship can be improved. This is shown by a case study on using machine learning and optimization for a cruise ship.