Martin Ericson Borgh

SSPA Sweden AB

Martin is a Naval Architect (MSc) with 20 years of experience. After 7 years at the Defence Material Administration working with Radar Cross Section and other above water signatures he joined SSPA in 2008. The last six years he has been involved in numerous projects aiming to reduce the environmental foot print of ships and boats. Measures studied involve operational changes to reduce energy use, electrification and other means to increase energy efficiency as well as change to fuels and energy sources with lower effective carbon emission values.

Martin has been the subproject manager for the studies of the design and integration of the HyMethShip energy system in the case study vessel – a RoPax on the route between Gothenburg and Kiel.

Martin Ericson Borgh

The HyMethShip zero emission energy concept

The HyMethShip project is funded from the Horizon 2020 programme (grant agreement no 768945) with the aim to develop a hydrogen energy system using E-methanol as the hydrogen carrier. The overall goal is to create a zero CO2-emission system with higher energy efficiency possble compared to post-combustion CO2 capture can offer.

We will give an overview of the HyMethShip-project:

  • Goals, funding and the structure and partners of the project
  • Project status
  • Results so far in brief
  • Remaining deliverables and work until end of project