Sebastiaan Bleuanus

Wärtsilä Power Supply RDE

As general manager for Research coordination & Funding, Sebastiaan is responsible for external research collaborations in Wärtsilä power supply RDE. He has overseen the creation and execution of multiple successful collaboration projects in the field. Originally an automotive engineer, Sebastiaan has racked up some 16 years of experience in the execution, management and planning of innovation projects. He has been with Wärtsilä since 2011.

Sebastiaan Bleuanus

A collaborative approach to developing decarbonised technology for shipping and power generation

“electrify everything”; an oft-heard mantra as we scramble to limit global warming. Direct electrification is a powerful decarbonisation tool but some industries and applications do not lend themselves to it. Shipping is one of them, and renewable fuel technologies are required to enable deep emission cuts in this sector.

But also the increased renewable penetration in electricity generation needs fuel-based technologies for long term storage, backup and grid balancing.

Transitioning to renewable fuels spans the whole energy supply chain and collaboration is key to its success.