Jens Olaf Stein

Robert Bosch AG

– University RWTH Aachen (Mechanical Engineering / Combustion Engines): Diplomingenieur

– FEV Motorentechnik GmbH: Project Engineer (Diesel and Gas engines)

– Porsche Engineering Services GmbH: Team Leader engine development and testing

– Robert Bosch GmbH Feuerbach: Group Leader combustion system development, Department Head FIE pre-development, Product Manager Diesel high pressure pumps

– Robert Bosch India: Range Head Diesel component development, Engineering Head Powertrain Solution

– Robert Bosch AG Austria: Engineering Head Large Engines

Jens Olaf Stein

Decarbonization Paths and Solutions for Large Engines

The fulfillment of Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 calls for a rapid transition to an overall climate-neutral energy system, which has to entail significant changes in the buildings, transport and industry sectors over the next about 25 years. In all these sectors, carbon-neutral alternatives will replace the current energy sources that are still predominantly based on carbon.
For effective environmental protection all powertrain types are needed. A technology-agnostic approach is therefore one of the most important aspects if we want to meet our climate goals. In order to succeed in our efforts, we have to rely on the contributions from optimized internal combustion engines, fuel cells and electric drives. Accordingly, Bosch is constantly working on technical solutions to support all technology paths.

The focus in this paper is given to the large engine segment which contributes by approx. 6 to 7% to the ww CO2-emissions. Beside the current introduction of drop-in fuels alternative fuels are selected to achieve a CO2 neutral operation of the ICE in future.
While drop-in fuels require certain precautions using the existing FIE, the alternative fuels need new combustion systems hence injection/admission systems which are contributing significantly towards an efficient low emission combustion even under dynamic operation. The variety of potential combustion processes in combination with the fuel properties need a sophisticated injection system modularity supporting best performance and emission while minimizing time to market.
The Bosch solutions for large engines are based on the huge development and product experience with low viscosity fuels for premixed and diffusive combustion from the entire mobility segment range. The approach and results are shown in this paper.