Kai Reichelt

RINA Germany GmbH

Starting the career in 1997 after military service as electronics technician I’ve changed to sea-shipping in mid 2000. Education and Marine Engineer in Management Level up to 2008 was followed by employments as Superintendent for Bulk-carriers and Container-Vessels. The role as Superintendent was including the take-over of new-buildings and the establishment and leading of a site-office in Cyprus. Discovering a new field of challenges was the position of technical and engineering leader in a Cocoa Factory for more than 5 years afterwards, but the sea was always calling, therefore I changed to RINA at May 2022.

Kai Reichelt

Latest developments and experiences regarding international rules framework for alternative propulsion systems

The presentation will give an overview about the development of rules with some backgrounds, the actual situation and the outlook for the future. This in particular for the field of hydrogen and it derivatives as well as wind assisted propulsion.

Looking together on some insights of actual CII-Rules and expected developments after 1st of January 2023 from classification society perspective.
What are the possibilities for technologies which are currently not covered by rules or guidelines.